Welcome to My Life

I’m Karen Bove and this is a my little home on the internet. Like the header says, I’m a cook, photographer, midwife and more.

I’m a cook, someone who puts food on the table nearly every day. I enjoy cooking but I enjoy eating good food even more.   I also love to share good food and good company with  my family and friends.    So I cook.  I cook a lot.  I created Our Life in The Kitchen to share a little glimpse into my kitchen.

I’m a photographer.  I’ve been fascinated by photography since childhood but finally got serious about learning more a few years ago.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning and growing as a photographer.  I’m always finding new ways to see things and new ways to capture what I see.  It’s just a lot of fun.

I’m a midwife.  Birth and babies are also topics that have fascinated me from a very early age.  Midwifery seems to be something I was simply called to do.  After spending several years in a very busy solo practice and then taking a sabbatical from midwifery, I’m happy to be working again in a small and intimate practice that truly represents what the midwifery model of care is all about.  I get to be a part of everyday miracles, witness the incredible power of birth and still have time to enjoy the rest of my life.

As for the “much, much more” part, these are the parts that truly make my life and make me who I am.

I’m a mother (and grandmother).  I have five fabulous kids. Chris, 30, is husband to Michelle, father to Ivy, eight, and Layla,  two and half, who is quickly going from toddler to little girl.  An Army veteran who spent a year in Iraq, he  and his family moved back to Florida last year after spending several years in Northern Idaho.    Ben, 25, lives nearby with his girlfriend Michelle, goes to school and works harder than just about anyone I know.  Sam, 22, and Katie, 19, recently moved away for college.  They’re sharing an apartment, working and going to school. Jack, 16, is the coolest kid I know and an amazing guitar player.

I’m a wife. Ralph and I have been married for 26 years now. I can’t imagine life without him.  We’ve had so many ups and downs, worked and fought our way through some very trying times when we believed it was the end of us.  We came through more giddy-head-over-heels in love than we ever thought possible.  All of the weak-kneed and stomach-turning excitement is still there, like it was in the beginning, but with a depth that can only come from a life shared and a commitment that cannot come undone.

I’m a daughter to one, a sister to one and a friend to many.

Finally but certainly not least,  I’m just me. A woman.  Both average and not-so-average, full of both talents and flaws, joys and sorrows, confidence and anxieties. Complex yet not terribly complicated.  Just me.

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